Top 10 Restaurants in the Philippines

Our list of top 10 Restaurants in the Philippines includes a choice of restaurants that are unique in their own way. They serve the best meals in their very own genre and they each give a unique experience to those who try them.


Antonio's is on top of our list of top 10 restaurants in the Philippines. If ever you're out enjoying the pleasant Tagaytay air, your moment of elation over nature will definitely be broken by the sheer excitement brought to you by Antonio's Restaurant. Walking through their doors is like walking into a world where you drag nature's beauty and stuff it with mouthwatering flavors in the air. The ambience here is like that of a garden grown inside a restaurant.

The food here is so good that you will still smile even if they slap you with a huge bill for your entire meal. Well you're actually paying for great service, nature-filled ambience, and great food that are worth every cent you dole out. You'll enjoy their fresh salad greens and Foie Gras Salad and soups. They have a very appealing set of optionsyoure your main course that includes Chillean Sea Bass, roasted beef, steaks, fries, roasted duck breast, Sole A 'la Meuniere, Risotto, and baby back ribs among many others. Once you try their desserts like fruit coulis, tartufo nero, and chocolate mousse you will eventually start missing them once you walk out their door.

C' Italian Dining

This might as well be the best Italian restaurant you would ever find in the Philippines. The restaurant can even prepare a personalized full course menu especially for you and your friends. Aside from getting tongue tied over trying to pronounce the names of each meal you're going to sample, you'll also get various highlights for your taste buds with each course.

Delicious sounding tongue twister names like beef carpaccio, chocolate panna cotta, Saint Jaques Panizza, spaghetti bottarga di tonno, and pancetta risotto will soon become your favorites. These panizzas are famous and if you've never tried one it is a must for anyone who loves good food.

And to go with your meal, they also have a wide selection of red and white wines in their coffers. Besides the great food, C' Italian Dining presents an elegant dining ambience that accentuates your experience. The restaurant is located along Don Juico right after Field Avenue in Angeles City.

Kubli Springs

On the third spot of our top 10 restaurants in the Philippines is Kubli Springs. If you're looking for something exotic then you should try Kubli Springs in Dolores, Quezon. Yes, they serve wonderful food here but the food is not the biggest highlight in this dining experience. Just getting there is an adventure since you'll be going off road. The place becomes even more thrilling once night sets. You are lighted by bon fires and candles right in the middle of a forest! You might even wonder when Tarzan would come swinging in to enjoy the scrumptious food, though anyone would question if he would have any taste for Filipino cuisine.

Food is freshly served to be doused by a local drink called lambanog or a trademark strong barako coffee. Food here is inexpensive with a meal costing only five dollars average.

Vieux Chalet

Next in our top 10 restaurants in the Philippines is Vieux Chalet. High in the hills of Antipolo City you'll find Vieux Chalet where you'll get an astounding panoramic view of Manila. Be sure to dine here at night to get the best overlooking view of Manila's night lights. Other than the astounding view, you'll get that wonderful mysterious feeling once you're settled inside. You'll surely enjoy the fresh home baked bread, soup, mixed vegetable salad, and an array of Swiss cuisine.

Kusina Salud

Kusina Salud in San Pablo Laguna gives one of the best samples of Filipino cooking and is next in our list of top 10 restaurants in the Philippines. The rustic ambience here is soothing and very relaxing. You can say that everything about the place is quite laid back. Breakfasts are the best in Kusina Salud, which is a great way to start off your day when you're out to see the exciting sights in Laguna. Food is inexpensive, which is something you should expect from a restaurant in the rural areas of the country.

La Cocina de Tita Monings

Prepare to walk through time all the way back into the Spanish era as soon as you set foot in Tita Moning's. You'll even get a tour of this old mansion and are welcomed with drinks. If you have a taste for Spanish cuisine then this is the place to go in Manila. Don't miss their bread pudding, sautéed fresh vegetables, and Spanish Paella. Remember to bring your camera since you will want to keep memoirs of this stunning flashback into Spanish times. This is truly one of the unique places in our top 10 restaurants in the Philippines.

Claude Tayag's Bale Dutung

The name literally means house of wood in the local language of Kapampangan. If you love the food in Pampanga then you will eat your heart out here. Bale Dutung is beautifully decorated in native weaving. Coupled with subdued lighting, it gives a lasting impression of native Filipino dining. The restaurant owners and staff will give their most heart warming service with a personal touch. One of the big dining highlights here is the Kapampangan sushi along with other favorites like ensaladang pako, prawn soup, and many more.

Entalula Island

This is a private beach in El Nido where you will get the ideal tropical pleasures that you dreamed of. Imagine enjoying an exclusive tropical lunch where your every need is cared for. A rather interesting piece of pampering you'll get is that you get to request whatever you like and the staff will be more than willing to cook it up for you. Enjoy a white sand tropical vacation while sipping your piña colada.


This restaurant in Batangas is a great getaway for the weekend. Aside from the great food and rustic ambience, you'll enjoy the scenery as you watch thoroughbreds prancing on the nearby grounds. Be sure to sample the fine wine, steamed seafood custard, and a choice of other drinks like kapeng barako or lemon grass iced tea.

Ugu Bigyan's

Last in our list of top 10 restaurants in the Philippines is Ugu Bigyan's. This exotic restaurant in Tiaong Quezon is one of the province's secret hideaways. Don't ever miss their kulawo dish, their best seller. It's made from banana heart smoked and cooked in vinegar and accentuated with spices. One taste would make you think it's tuna but it isn't. Other must try food served here include pako salad, calamares, grilled ribs, and sweet and sour fish. Another highlight you'll get out of Ugu Bigyan's is a little tour of their potter's garden where you can get hand crafted pottery as souvenirs. The garden ambience and the great meals served on ceramic plates make the experience totally unique.




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