Finding London Accommodations: Things to Consider

Since accommodations take up a huge chunk in a tourist's budget, it is something you must seriously consider in the event you're planning to visit this huge city. Note that hotel room rates in the land of royalty can cost you quite a good sum of money. However, that doesn't mean that visitors can't find budget friendly hotels or accommodations in London.

Things to Consider

Beating the budget strain will require some extra forward planning on the part of visitors. Looking for a place way ahead of time will help a lot. When hunting for great deals in this city, you should also consider several options plus take a lot of things into consideration.

There's actually no hard and fast rule about the location of accommodations. However, visitors can take note that a lot of people prefer to find hostels in the North and West sections of the city. But that doesn't mean the other sections of the city are blatantly undesirable. As noted earlier, there are several factors that should be put into consideration.

Crime Rate: One of the issues that should be considered by visitors to London is the crime rate in certain neighborhoods. Your hostel may be offering quite a good deal but that can be offset by a bad neighborhood. Like every huge city in the world, London isn't exactly crime free and petty crimes do occur pretty much everywhere else. This city is absolutely no exception.

Someone has once pointed out that the number of petty crimes is associated with the availability of low cost housing. But that doesn't necessarily point out that if your hostel is near a low cost housing site that the neighborhood automatically has a higher crime rate. You can check which parts of the city have high crime rates by visiting the London Metropolitan Police website. They have an interactive map showing the high crime and low crime areas in London.

Cultural Familiarity: To make a visit to London more congenial, tourists should also consider the local demographics. Having some sort of cultural familiarity helps visitors feel at home in the British capital. For instance, Wimbledon and Hampstead tend to cater to family oriented activities, which is great if you're bringing the kids along.

If you're traveling alone on business then you might want to find London accommodations in Angel, which is usually where the young professionals of the city congregate. Australians usually find their way into Clapham. People from the Philippines can be found almost anywhere but they usually flock to Earl's Court where the old warm Filipino hospitality is served warmly. On the other hand, people of Korean descent will find a home in New Malden.

Distance and Cost: Finally, one last thing to consider when looking for good London accommodations is the distance of the hotel or hostel from certain places of interest. Remember that London is a really huge city and a lot of your time will be spent on traveling from one location to another if you fail to plan things properly. Finding accommodations that are near the places you want to visit saves you a lot of travel time and money.




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